Tips For Beating The Boxing Day Madness

Boxing Day is the perfect chance to find some great deals on everything from clothing to electronics to home supplies and jewelry! Although, as we all know by now, boxing day can really test your patience. The malls are packed, the parking is impossible, and the line ups can seem endless. My husband still can’t… read more

Ballet Eddy Toussaint – Instilling Discipline & Passion

Most Canadians remember the success of Ballet Eddy Toussaint de Montreal; the neoclassical company which during sixteen years was the pride of Montreal. The Montreal Gazette recently called the artistic director “Champion of classical dance”. Toronto was on its feet for the company. This company, during its presence in Montreal, used to tour all over… read more

Eddy Toussaint
Top 5 Scary Movies To Get Your Kids Ready For Halloween!

Do your kids love to watch spooky movies in the spirit of Halloween? We’ve rounded up the top 5 scary flicks that are sure to get your little ones in the Halloween spirit. ParaNorman (PG)               ParaNorman is a story about a little boy who has to use his… read more

Be the Hostess with the Most with These Back-to-School Party Tips

Now that school is officially back in session and the excitement of that is over, my kids have been looking for fun things to do again. Though fall is a great time for family activities, it can also be a wonderful time for a back-to-school party. We have had a back-to-school party for the past… read more