This Christmas, Think Outside the Gift Box!

The one-month countdown to Christmas has officially begun. In the next couple of weeks, most families will start putting up their decorations to give the house that cozy holiday glow. This will also be the time to take out a notebook and jot down gift ideas before hitting the local overcrowded malls. While toys may… read more

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Universitas – Your child’s Big Dreams Could Need Big Savings

We can certainly be proud of the ambitions of our little ones in Quebec! A CROP firm survey carried out for the RESP experts at Universitas revealed that nearly half the children in Quebec (44%) dream of a career which will require a university degree. The survey found the most popular fields of interest were… read more

Blog: The Study – Building the Base for Years to Come

Early Literacy and Numeracy Building the Base for Years to Come   When building a business, a stadium, or even a Lego-tower, a strong base allows for better growth and development. This principle is true for academic learning as well. The stronger the base, the better the growth. It should come as no surprise that… read more

5 Ways to Raise a Baby on a Budget

During those nine blissful months of pregnancy, there are many things to be excited and happy about, but there seems to be even more to be worried about, and your budget can be one of those things that taint your otherwise peaceful mind. Money issues cause stress in even the most grounded and bonded families…. read more