Les Recettes de Melany: Bar à sundae

J’adore les bars à sundae pour n’importe quel événement – fêtes d’anniversaire, soirées d’été, soirées pyjamas! Voici quelques conseils pour réussir vos bar à sundae! 1. Faites une liste! Vous aurez besoin d’une liste d’épicerie pour en rien oublier: cuillères à crème glacée, bols, serviettes de table, cuillères, jarres, décors pour la table, cornets gaufrés,… read more

Melany’s Recipes: Sundae Bar

I love Sundae bars for everything- birthday parties, summer nights, sleepovers! Here are some of my tips for Sundae bars. 1. Make a list!  You need a supply list so here it is:  ice scream scoops, bucket for the ice cream, ice, bowls, napkins, spoons, jars, table décor, waffle cones, ice cream, toppings, whipped topping, hot… read more

Energy Boosting Recipes

We’re already into mid-January.  With the cold weather, lack of sun, and short days, it’s easy to feel like your energy is drained. This week we have some great energizing recipes to help give you that boost you need! 1. Glowing Skin Smoothie: Is your skin feeling dry and tired from the winter months?  This… read more

Our Favourite Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah is right around the corner!  Everyone knows a good Jewish Family dinner isn’t compete unless there is an abundance of food, and your Bubby at the table forcing you to eat more and more until you feel like your going to explode. We have some delicious Hanukkah recipe picks for you to try out… read more