Workout Must-Haves for the New Mom

Working out as a parent isn’t easy. Finding the time, energy, and motivation seems to be impossible when juggling all the responsibilities and obligations that come with raising little humans. The bottom line is, you won’t find time to exercise. You have to make time to exercise. While this may seem daunting, there are a… read more

The Toothpaste You’ll Want your Kids Using

With the growth in popularity of organic, whole foods and the awareness of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), added hormones, and other harmful substances in our food, it’s no secret that the majority of health-conscious people aim to only put the best into their bodies. But there are a few harmful chemicals that are introduced to… read more

10 Minute Workout

You don’t need a gym membership to melt that unwanted flab and look fit. In fact, you don’t even need equipment. We’ve complied a list of super easy to do at home workouts you can accomplish in under 10 minutes. Chair Dips Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair, with hands next to hips…. read more

To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate — that is the perpetual parenting question. My children’s health is my number one priority, although when it comes to vaccinations it’s been hard for me to stick to one position. “The anti-vaccination movement has picked up steam in the past decade with support from celebrities such as actress… read more