The Game Of Flirting When You’re Married

The issue of flirting while you are married has always been quite controversial. On one hand, you’ll find therapists and relationship experts insist that people who flirt while married are putting their marriage at risk, while others argue it could add fuel to your marriage through the potential boost of self esteem. Beyond the experts… read more

iTouch or Human Touch?

Sometimes I wonder if the Internet and mobile technology is gradually making our interactions with each other a lot less personal and meaningful. I was at the grocery store earlier this week and noticed that the woman ahead of me in the checkout lane was so absorbed in her phone that she didn’t even look… read more

Is It Really That Difficult to Say Hello? Setting a Good Example for Your Children

If there is one thing that most people who know me would agree on, it’s that I am pretty outgoing. I am constantly out and about with my kids, husband and even with friends. I also feel that I know a lot of people thanks to things like school, volunteering and just going out so… read more

Appreciating My Body: Now and Then

I was recently going through some old pictures and found one of myself from around 10 years ago. As I was looking at the photo, I started thinking about how much I did not appreciate my body back then.  I looked so youthful and happy in that photo, but I know at that time, I… read more