Les choix de Melany: 5 activités à faire avec SA mère

Pour votre maman! Nous sommes toutes si occupées avec nos enfants que nous en oublions presque notre propre maman. Voici quelques activités à faire à votre propre maman. 1. Prenez une marche ensemble. C’est un bon exercice et ça permet de prendre des nouvelles.         2. Amenez la dîner! Toujours une sortie… read more

Melany’s Netflix Picks!

What’s my secret pleasure? Binging on Netflix of course!  Here are my top 5 Netflix picks for all of you. 1-     Orange is the New Black. 2-     House of Cards 3-     Arrested Development 4. Blackfish 5. More Than Honey These are great series and terrific documentaries.  Which are your favourites? Share them in our comment… read more

Outdoor Family Ideas

Embrace the snow!!  Here are 5 of my favorite activities! 1. Fill up spray bottles with water and food coloring!  Use them to draw in the snow.  Make sure kids remember not to spray it on themselves, only on the snow! 2.Snow tic tac tow 3.Glow sticks!  Put them under the snow for some light… read more

Melany’s Board Game Picks

Nothing says “holiday” like family! Before I start with my top 5 family entertainment ideas,  I highly suggest you do something like this when you have your family gatherings, I leave a basket out that says “let’s be together this holiday season, please leave your phone in this basket” Otherwise your family time will look… read more