Les petits luxes de maman: Coton Égyptien 1000 fils

On ne réalise jamais quelle différence de bons draps peuvent faire jusqu’à ce que vous en achetiez. Je n’ai pas encore essayé les 1000 fils, mais je suis certaine que ces fils en extra m’aideront à avoir une meilleure nuit de sommeil. Avez-vous déjà essayé les draps en coton égyptien? Si non, quels draps préférez-vous?… read more

Mummieslust: 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton

You never realize what a difference great bedding can make until you get it. I haven’t made the jump to 1000 thread, but I’m already sold on the idea that those extra threads will be give me a better sleep. Have you tried Egyptian cotton sheets yet? If not, what kind of bedding do you… read more

Mummieslust: Heated Sweater

Don’t be fooled, this is not just another sweater. This is an exceptional sweater for the mums who have staying toasty this winter high on the priority list. This Cebela heated sweater uses a  technology with undetectable heated wires in the chest and back to maximize warmth in these sub-zero temperatures. There’s even a battery… read more

Mummieslust: iFetch

Have you ever caught yourself in the peak of frustration, and then dreaming up an invention that could solve all of your problems at that current moment? That’s what happened when a young boy and his grandfather cranked their arm to throw the ball to their dog the umpteenth time, and thought of iFetch. This… read more