Best Road Trip Travel Apps and Games for Summer Travel

Summer is the best time for road trips with the family. There is something really great about heading out on the open road with a sense of adventure and the anticipation of getting to your final destination. However, if you have kids, you definitely will find that they will get bored sooner or later, so… read more

Father’s Day Apps

I have three kids, a dog and a husband, so as you may expect; I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. One thing that I really couldn’t live without is my smart phone. I use apps for so many things, from budgeting and shopping lists to finding good activities for the… read more

Fitness Apps

When it comes to getting healthy, technology can be a wonderful and powerful thing. And that power is more accessible than ever, in the form of free and inexpensive apps. There are tons of excellent health-related apps available; today I’m going to look at four of them. 1. My Fitness Pal Many of us have… read more

Mom Apps

iPhones aren’t just a way to Instagram pics of your tot. Take a trip to the app store, and you’ll find tools that track your appointments, dole out allowances, and even translate your baby’s cries. With so many to choose from, we narrowed the field and found the most download-worthy apps. Here, 5 high-tech ways… read more