Happy New Year and Back to Routine

Well, the holidays are behind us. Thank goodness, I say. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas. The whole season of family, friends, great food and drinks is wonderful, until it isn’t anymore. Your kid is out of routine and needs school, you are out of routine and need healthy food and hours again, because… read more

A New Year… A New YOU!

While the title sounds extreme, your New Year’s resolution does not have to be. Positive changes all start with baby steps. Although you can rethink your life and make changes on New Year’s, you can form a resolution at any time of the year. Why not let a second in time mean a whole new… read more

5 Amazing Yoga Retreats

Are you part of the yoga movement? That movement that is slowly redefining exercising and how, as human beings, we see and accept our body. A movement that focuses on inner strength, pushing the body to its limits. A movement in which the mind learns to control itself through breathing and meditation. If you are… read more

9 Tasty Holiday Cocktails

Want to impress your guests during the Holiday season? Or want to enjoy a fresh, eye-pleasing cocktail by your fireplace? Here are some of my favorite Holiday cocktails. Some of them are classics; others have a little special twist, but all of them are just delicious. Click here for the Eggnog Martini recipe. Click here… read more

Sparkling Pear and Cranberry Cocktail