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Early Literacy and Numeracy

Building the Base for Years to Come


When building a business, a stadium, or even a Lego-tower, a strong base allows for better growth and development. This principle is true for academic learning as well. The stronger the base, the better the growth. It should come as no surprise that stronger literacy and phonological awareness skills during early academic levels predict better reading scores later on.  The same is true for numeracy awareness and mathematics scores. There are several things that teachers and parents can keep in mind as they guide students onto a strong academic path.


Authentic Learning Experiences

As children begin school they will develop the fundamentals for literacy and numeracy. There is no doubt that children will experience the typical routines of counting, tracing letters, and engaging in similarly highly structured early literacy and numeracy activities. However, the long-lasting learning, and the factor that will set some students ahead of others, is the opportunity for the transfer of these skills. Simply stated, those students who are encouraged to apply their knowledge of numbers and letters to authentic learning situations will develop stronger reading and arithmetic skills.


Authentic learning experiences are those in which someone learns a skill or information through engagement in an activity that reflects a real-life event.  Most language development takes place through these types of experiences. In fact, children benefit from having conversations with people who are more advanced than they are, whether it is by a few months, or many years. Encouraging students to apply their understanding of quantity, addition, subtraction, and geometry to everyday situations allows for stronger reasoning and calculation skills to develop.  Moreover, most types of play and multisensory activities can further add to authentic learning experience.


Have fun with it!

Children are curious and they have an innate need to explore their environments. The period of language, literacy, and numeracy development is one full of opportunities for learning. Every trip to the grocery store, every walk to the park, and every book read together allows for some new exploration of language or numbers. The larger the input, the larger the output. As teachers, educators and parents at we teach children to have fun with their learning and to find an opportunity to learn something new in any context.


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Joseph D’Intino, M.Ed., Enrichment Specialist, The Study

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