Books Your Kids Will Love This Winter

As the chill sets in and we’ve you’ve planned some of our non-voyage winter activities, there’s still a piece to those special winter days missing. Because after a day out on the sleds or some good old snow shoeing, what’s better than cozying up in bed with your little ones and reading a good book. The following 5 new reads are witty, silly, and beautifully illustrated reads your kids will love.

Never Too Little to Love


Kids will love the whimsical illustrations in Never Too Little to Love , a funny tale of an amorous mouse who aims impossibly high and learns that you’re never too little (or too big) to love — or get a kiss



A silly story about a little girl’s hilariously misguided attempts to cook, Recipe follows Kristen, whose imagination is far more developed than her cooking skills (her favorite ingredients include 400 hot dogs, 20 bags of marshmallows, a sweatshirt, and a water pistol). Luckily, there’s a hungry raccoon in the backyard who’ll eat just about anything.



A hip addition to your book collection, Crabtree features a wonderfully weird character and his millions of funny, beautifully illustrated possessions. This book doesn’t really feature a lesson, but both kids and parents will love the humor, lovely images, and lots of buried treasure.

Love Monster


Love Monster  is a hairy monster trying to fit in with the cuddly residents of Cutesville and find someone who will love him just the way he is. His journey is not easy, but he soon discovers that love can find you when you least expect it.



A clever and original animal/alphabet story, Fraidyzoo follows Little T, who’s afraid to go to the zoo, and her family, who construct increasingly elaborate homemade animal costumes to help her conquer her fear. Your kids will love watching an umbrella and bubble wrap magically transform into a jellyfish and bath towels and a can of soda become a parrot.




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