Holiday Recipe Picks!

Christmas season is approaching!  We’ve got some great holiday recipes for you so you can prepare yourself, and not be left feeling rushed when the holidays roll in!

1. Eggnog French Toast:

Your kids will love this yummy breakfast recipe!  Treat them to it over the holidays (and treat yourself too!)






2. Strawberry Santas:

Okay, now how cute are these?  Serve them up at Brunch, or an afternoon snack, or dessert.  So versatile and you can make them ahead of time!





3. Cheddar and chive biscuits:

I’m a firm believer that everyone should have a great biscuit recipe in their repertoire!  These one’s are cheesy and flaky.  But them in a basket on your dining room table and they’ll be sure to disappear quickly!






4. Antipasto Platter

If your having many people over for appetizers, there’s nothing like an antipasto platter to impress your guests!  It’s easy and fast to put together, and requires very little preparation!






5. Almond Chai Cookies:

Everyone needs a good almond recipe for the holidays!  These almond chai cookies are perfect with your afternoon cup of tea (or coffee!)










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