Melany’s Board Game Picks

Nothing says “holiday” like family! Before I start with my top 5 family entertainment ideas,  I highly suggest you do something like this when you have your family gatherings, I leave a basket out that says “let’s be together this holiday season, please leave your phone in this basket”


Otherwise your family time will look like this:


Okay, off my soapbox now, here are my top 5 picks for family game night or board games during the holidays!

1. Love the Game of Life!  The whole family can get some good laughs in while playing this educational but fun game.


2. Jenga!  Even the little ones can get in on this game! It’s all about fine motor skills and having fun!


3. Love Sorry! It’s easy to play and you don’t have to spend forever reading the directions.


4. Uno Attack.  It’s the same rules as regular Uno, just pumped up a bit.



5. Backgammon is kicking it old school and it’s so much fun. What a classic.



xoxo- Melany




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