The Post-Holiday Shopping Crash

As the old song goes, “Greeting cards and all that’s sent: the Christmas rush is through-”

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable holiday with family and friends, and now you have the privilege of dealing with the next step: wrapping it all up and putting it away for another year… But there are some things that linger that you will have to deal with, such as gifts that you have no real use for and gift cards that are itching to be spent.  Wondering what to do with it all?  We have a few suggestions that will make the after-Christmas-shopping-crash a bit more manageable.


Dealing with the Gifts You Have No Use For


 We have all received something that makes us shudder or something we just look at and think, “What could I possibly do with this?” Instead of tossing that item out into the garage or into the closet, consider hosting a gift swap with your closest friends. A gift swap is the perfect way to re-gift an item that you cannot use while receiving another item that you can use. Not only that, you can make a whole evening out of it.  Get the cocktails going and have some fun.


Help Your Kids Use Their Gift Cards Wisely

gift card

 Handling your child’s gift cards may seem a bit trickier, especially if you have picky children. Instead of purchasing a new toy or wasting it on trivial goods, why not invest in a bigger or better item?


For instance, that gaming system your child has been desperately begging you for looks a bit more within your reach now. Take your child to the store with you and apply the gift card towards it. If the system costs more than your child has in hand, see if you can place it on layaway and make payments with your child’s allowance. Learning to budget and make regular payments toward desired goal is great training for our kids.

Another idea is to use your children’s gift cards on something they need like new winter boots or a new wardrobe item for an up-coming spring break trip. Let them help choose the item they like.

Now Its Time to Talk about Your Cards


You received a handful of cards and have no idea what you want to buy yourself. Why not consider something you need around the house? You could use the cards to purchase a mirror for the hall or fancy up your bathroom with some new décor.  Something pretty to add to the dining room table or to a wall goes a long way during the dull winter months when you desperately need a change of scenery.


Its Time to Go Shopping


When it comes to using your gift cards, think of things that you need. Have you always taken that sweater out of your closet, only to put it back again because you don’t have the right top to wear with it?  Here’s your chance to fill that gap in your wardrobe.  Need a new pair of shoes to go with the dress you got for Christmas?  Go get ‘em! C’mon ladies, let’s beat the after-Christmas let-down by using its leftovers to take care of those little needs and spruce up our homes. It will keep us hanging on for another month or two until we can shift our focus to warmer days and outdoor living again.


Xo Melany


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