5 Best Hikes Around Montreal

1. Why go far? I love to just do Mount Royal with the kids.  It’s manageable and you can head over to beaver lake.

2. Park Des Rapides in Lachine. Des Rapids is an urban park located adjacent to the Lachine Rapids.  It’s neat to see the Great Blue Herons in the area and about 220 other species of birds.

3. La Mauricie National Park in Sain-Maithieu-Du-Parc.  This park is located near Shawinigan in the Laurentians.  It’s huge but you can do a manageable family hike with young kids.

4. Grotte De L’Ours is a 6km hike that is easily done with kids. It’s not a steep trail so even the little ones can do it.  This is also a fun area for snowshoeing in the winter.

5. Le Sentier Du Pionnier is a great family hike for real beginners. I like it because it’s a loop and it’s only 30 minutes. Have fun!

Xoxo Melany

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