5 Ways To Take A Non-Voyage

Pack your bags kids — it’s time for a Non Voyage! Families planning on spending the winter at home this year can still embark on a mock vacation. Staying close to home doesn’t mean you and the family have to be bored and it doesn’t mean you can’t get out and have fun. Check out this simple but fun collection of things the entire family can do this winter to make the good time roll!

Create your own band right in your living room


If anyone plays an instrument, even if it is not very well, bring it out and have a jam session. No instruments? No worries! Make your own instruments with things from around the house. Coffee cans and formula containers, Tupperware bowls, wood or plastic spoons, and metal pan lids are just some of the great things you likely have in your kitchen right now that make great instruments. Play songs and take turn picking the tunes and let the concert jam on and on!

Read to your kids


Simply gather some books together and snuggling up on the sofa or gather around the fireplace. Another fun winter idea is to make story time part of family dinnertime. “The time you spend cuddling with your kids, watching them become engrossed in a story told to them from your own lips, is a priceless experience”, says and article written by The Huffington Post. Take turns reading the stories and let every family member have a book that they choose to be read that night for family story time. If you are close enough, you can also plan a weekly outing adventure and make a trip to the local library as a family and discover the many great doorways that lead to countless worlds of learning and imagination!

Make a Fort


Got kids who seem to be adventure-seeking masters? Are your kids going stir-crazy from being inside and are you tired of all the TV and video games? Transform your living room and make it into an impressive maze, imposing castle, or anything else you and your explorer can think up! Arrange the cushions and sofa pillows, setup the tables and chairs with blankets, add a collapsible tube tunnel, grab the flashlights and map, and then let the imaginations of your kids take care of the rest. Defend the castle, explore ancient ruins, investigate a haunted house, or go wherever else the kids’ imagination can take them. Cuddling and playing under the sheets of a fort or tent is one of the best ways to travel anywhere and everywhere, right from the comfort of your own living rooms.

Go Sledding


Have a people sled race outside instead of a dog sled race. Head outdoors and enjoy the winter chill and snow the best way possible-with a sled race. But instead of using dogs to pull the sled, let your family members become the dogs in the race. There are several versions of the human dog sled race you can try. One is to have someone pulling the sled with someone else riding on it- like in a real dog sled race. Another option is to pull empty sled, or to load up the sled with different items. You can either race for speed or set up an obstacle course and see who can get through the course the fastest without losing their passenger or their load. Have fun and use your imagination!

Winter Hike


Go on a back yard or neighborhood nature hike to see what the familiar areas now look like covered in snow. You and your family know your back yard and the surrounding areas and parks, but how well do you know them in winter? This is a fun outdoor activity that helps your kids learn more about the world around them and the changes that winter brings to nature and the plants and animals that live nearby. Keep a record book of the plants and animals you see and then track the changes you see as winter comes in and then fades away as spring begins to show itself later.  Taking photos and creating a photo album of the winter adventure can also be a great weekly activity. It is fun on going learning!

Hopefully these fun and simple ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing and you and your family can discover your own fun winter activities to enjoy together!


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