A Day With The Mummycard

The genesis of mummieslist started with a small group of Montreal Moms who realized the magnitude of their buying power, and leveraged it to get discounts for Moms all over. It’s a known fact that “moms control the day-to-day financial decisions and do the lion’s share of shopping for groceries, clothes, and assorted other household necessities. They’re also more likely to manage the household budget, pay the bills, and manage health and medical expenses”, says an article published by Baby Center. Additionally, “the estimated cost of raising a child from birth through age 17 just hit a shocking $235,900”. So it’s no wonder getting savings where you can are a big concern, and at mummieslist we like to believe that the mummycard will assist you with not only your day-to-day spending’s, but on the big purchases in life as well.

Personally, I use my mummycard almost everywhere I go. If that means I have to drive to the Java U at the next stop light instead of the coffee shop around the corner, I’ll make the extra effort and save the extra dollars. Because at end of the month all of these dollars add up, and it’s completely worth it.

So far we’ve built up a strong group of over 20,000 Moms all over Canada who are gladly saving money doing their every day errands. For those of you who either haven’t signed up for your mummycard, or have left it collecting dust in your wallet, I’ve compiled an excellent list of retailers that I used my mummycard at yesterday to give you a peak inside what it’s like to go through your daily spending’s with a mummycard.

First things first, once I get in my car the first place I head to is Java U to pick up my nervosa. If you have yet to try this and you need a good boast, do yourself the favor. It’s a heaven sent cup of espresso and your choice of coffee. I was so busy yesterday morning, I didn’t have time to make something to eat for myself before I had to head out. Therefore, in addition to my nervosa, I also bought their delicious spinach and egg breakfast sandwich, and got 10% off my entire bill.

Next, I needed to make a pit stop and drop off the family’s pile of dry cleaning at DDO Nettoyeur.  Thank you mummycard, there goes another 10% shaved off my bill.

By the time school was ending and I was waiting to pick up my kids, I couldn’t help but pick up my phone and start browsing Beyond The Rack, for the new duvet I’ve been wanting. Within 10 minutes I’m sending screenshots of items to my daughter for Christmas present options. All in all, I end up buying a pair of UGGS for my daughter, a new duvet for me and my husband, and remote control helicopter for my son. Plugged in my mummycard code at the check out page and got $10 off.

Before heading back home with the kids, I make a quick turn into Lave Auto i Wash, where I whip out my mummycard for the 4th time that day and get $5 off.

By 8pm, when we’re done with dinner and the kid’s homework is all taken care of, it’s time for some Zumba at Cielo Studios! It’s been months since I last got a workout in so I bought a membership and got 25% off with my mummycard.

Quite the day with quite the savings! And that’s just the breakdown of one day out of my week. Please feel free to share the savings you’ve been happy to get through out your days in the comment section below. Remember, if there’s a retailer you love and would like to get discounts at, all you have to do is tell them about mummieslist and we’ll sign them up!



P.S.  Stay tuned….Our mummielist app is coming soon!



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