Best Places to Bring Your Kids at Least Once in Montreal

Sometimes when you’re not a tourist, you don’t think to do these things with your kids.  Here are some of our favorites in our own beautiful city.

mtl11. LaRonde.  Well, that had to be first, right?  I usually avoid amusement parks like a plague but you have to do LaRonde. It’s got a nice area for the little ones with a grand carousel and other rides.  For the big kid in all of us, there is over 40 rides since it’s a Six Flags park.



mtl22. Granby Zoo.  My kids love this place with over 1000 animals as well as a waterpark.  My kids love discovery hut with the “touch everything”  rule.  What a fun place for kids.



mtl33. The Montreal Biodome.  I love this place with the 4 ecosystems to explore. I always get there a few minutes before it opens because it gets very busy. My absolute favorite is the slow moving sloths. Don’t miss them. They are adorable.



mtl44. Sugar Shack.  If you’re a Quebec kid, you need to go sugar off. It’s a fun seasonal activity for the whole family.





mtl55. Montreal Science Center is a really cool place with lots of hands on activities. There is currently a gaming exhibition for our kids that love the Wii and Xbox.

Xoxo Melany

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