Fall and New Beginnings

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I love fall. To me it has always signaled starting over, a new beginning with better things to come. After I became a Mom to my amazing son Michael who has autism, fall really became a fresh start for both of us. It became another day to grow and learn from each other. My exceptional son Michael teaches me far more than I teach him, but still we are both learning new things about one another and the world.

October is a beautiful month. The leaves are changing color, there are apple and pumpkin picking activities at the local farms, and we get out for some nice walks as a family. It’s also the time of year Michael is finally starting to get back into the routine of school, and I am getting back into the routine of home and work.  This year is more special than ever though. I am seeing a maturity in him. He wants to meet new people, and explore our neighborhood. He is my little GPS! He knows every street, park, intersection and highway. Friends and family tell me he could work for Google Maps one day. Maybe. The sky’s the limit. And I know that my dreams for him and his future are limitless.

With the fading of one season and the beginning of another, Michael’s growth strikes me as yet another fading of sorts. My little preschooler is growing up into a wonderfully inquisitive little boy whose potential knows no bounds! And he’s taking his old mother with him!

Joanne Giacomini is a fiction writer and a blogger. She blogs about how her son with autism is raising her at www.exceptionalmomchild.wordpress.com.

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