Holiday Nail Designs

The pre-Holiday is the perfect time to have your nail game on point. Children are busy at school, fashion is better than ever, so taking one hour per week (or two weeks) to pamper yourself is just the logical thing to do. Get inspired for you next manicure with these cool nail designs.

Shout out to Le Manoir [Coquetterie] for the pictures and designs!

Marble Nails: The marble design is THE design of the season. Whether you opt for black marble, white marble or a funky color marble design, this nail style will turn heads. 

2. Halfmoon Burgundy Nails: Simple nails with a twist; the halfmoon design is an everyday classy look.

3. Louboutin Nails: Show the love you have for shoes with your fingertips!

4. Negative Space Taupe Nails: Not sure about nail art, yet you are willing to give it a try? This discreet negative space design is for you. Try it with the color of your choice.

5. Rosy Nude with Gypsy Glitter Nails: Are you a bohemian at heart? You will love this design: a perfect rosy nude with cute gypsy details.

Xoxo Melany

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