From Scratch to Success: 5 Highly Successful Canadian Mompreneurs

These 5 “mompreneurs” have two great things in common: they had an overwhelming desire to start their own business that could allow them to spend more time with their children and families, and they had a great knack for creativity and innovation. The concept of a “mompreneur” (a mother who starts her own business) has become more and more popular in recent years. With the ability to start online stores and organizations, it has become increasingly more possible for new moms to successfully found their own businesses that not only cater to their own unique ideas but also help other moms to foster loving and close relationships with their own families.


Tail Wags Helmet Covers – Karyn Clemans

1After a near-death experience during a horrible ski accident, Karyn Clemans gained a newfound respect for the helmet she was wearing, which happened to save her life. After her experience, she realized how important it was to wear a helmet when participating extreme sports.

Unfortunately, adults and children often underestimate the importance of helmet safety. After her recovery, Karyn aimed to make helmets more fashionable and fun so that more people would be compelled to wear them. She meshed her passion for safety with her knack for imaginative design to come up with Tail Wags Helmet Covers, which has grown into a highly successful business based in Toronto.

With over 40 designs now available, from adorable animals and characters, to extreme skull and cross-bone designs, there is a large variety of helmet covers available to satisfy multiple tastes and styles from toddlerhood to adulthood. Karyn finds that no two days are the same for her now. Her successful, booming business keeps her on her toes, and she couldn’t be happier, because she knows that because of her Tail Wags Helmet Covers, more children and adults are wearing their helmets.

Dental-X Smile Center Anaida Deti

2When she moved to Canada with her husband over a decade ago, with merely $500 and a language barrier issue, Anaida Deti never could imagine owning her own prosperous dental office. Couple that with years of schooling, raising an infant, and working nearly every day of the week, and this mompreneur-in-the-making could have easily given up.


However, in May of 2013, her dream started to take form. This ambitious registered dental hygienist became the CEO of the Dental-X Smile Center in Toronto. Her days are far from easy. She works 6 days each week, oftentimes until the evening hours, and she is responsible for managing and maintaining order throughout the entire office. With help from her family members, her husband’s undying support, and her own unequaled appreciation for hard work, she has been able to make her dream a reality.

Women On Top Business CoachingOdette Laurie

3Starting your own business isn’t easy, and it seems more often than not, businesses fail rather than succeed. Many women and mothers are hesitant to fulfill their business desires because of the trepidation, the potential obstacles, and the uncertainties.

For Odette Laurie, a strong women who has overcome these pitfalls and doubts herself with her own business, now aims to help other women and mothers to realize their visions in business with her highly successful consultancy firm, Women On Top Business Coaching.

She was inspired by her parents’ hard work ethic in building their own successful business. Now her days are filled with speaking events, client appointments, and marketing meetings for her own business. Now that her daughters are older, she can rely on their help with her business. She’s had to sacrifice a few zzz’s and some time with her family, but she wouldn’t trade the freedom she enjoys now. With her company (which has doubled her income annually for the past several years), she now has control over her business, her money, and her time.

Lice Squad CanadaDawn Mucci

4Nothing is more daunting than welcoming your child home from school, only to find a note stating that a lice breakout has occurred at their school. After that nerve-wracking search for those little critters, if you happen to spot the culprits nestled on your child’s scalp, you only have days of treatment to look forward to. Lice treatments have received a negative reputation for containing harsh chemicals and lacking effectiveness.


Enter Dawn Mucci of the Lice Squad Canada. She aimed to end the common feelings of embarrassment and discomfort associated with head lice treatment while producing and distributing products that are safe and easy to use.

She’s always fostered an entrepreneurial spirit since she was a young child. As a mother, with help from family and friends, she was able to juggle caring for her family with forming her own successful company. She takes charge by doing the majority of her own marketing and PR work for Lice Squad. She and her company were even featured on Canada AM.

Starting a business from nothing is never easy, and Dawn had to sacrifice time and energy to make her professional dreams a reality. Now, however, she enjoys flexibility, her valuable lifestyle, and a sense that she’s truly accomplishing something great.

Jady Babys BootsJade Barr

5Jade’s mega-business was started by accident. She had always fostered a love and appreciation for fashion and sewing, but had never pursued it professionally. However, when she was expecting her first child, she pulled out her trusty sewing machine and began making clothing and shoes for her expected bundle. It didn’t have to be top professional quality–it was only for her own child, right?


After Jade posted photos of her fashion creations, specifically her adorable baby boots, on Facebook, other mothers soon became interested. What started as a little home project quickly grew to become Jady Babys Boots.

From that point on, Jady Babys Boots took off, and Jade jumped on board and never looked back. Now Jade enjoys running a successful business that allows her to flourish creatively while bringing in a suitable income for her family, all while spending quality time with her own children


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    These stories are truly inspiring. Just the push I needed , thanks for sharing!

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      Thank you for your comment Soraya. We’re so happy we were able to inspire you! Keep us posted on what you’re up to and the next blog post could be a feature on you!

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