Toys That Will Get Your Kids Out Of The House


Cut the electrical embillical cord from your children’s video games and get them out and moving with these too hard to resist summer toys.

From a water gun with an endless supply of ammunition to a GoPro for kids, the toy shelves are lined with toys and games to get little ones outside this Summer. Check out some of our favorites.

RoseArt Sidewalk Chalk Paint Shake ‘N Roll Painters



Sidewalk chalk is always a favorite warm-weather activity, but not much has changed in the world of large pieces of chalk over the years — until now. RoseArt is upping the outdoor art game with Sidewalk Chalk Paint Shake ‘N Roll Painters. The canisters come filled with chalk powder in three colors. Simply add water, shake, and start painting. The rollers make it easier than ever to create the rainbow, unicorn, or Minecraft scene of your kids’ dreams.

Step 2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table
Is there any outdoor toy that elicits as much joy in toddlers as a water table? They’re like a license to get wet and messy — unlike the bathtub where too much splashing is often discouraged. Step 2′s new Splish Splash Seas Water Table has a water wheel carousel, a hinged bucket, slides, and more to keep little ones busy outdoors.
VTech Kidizoom Action Cam
By far the most exciting outdoor toy on the market this Summer, VTech’s new Kidizoom Action Cam is essentially a GoPro for kids. The camera comes with everything you need to attach it to their scooter, bike, or helmet so they can record their epic rides as photos, videos, or stop-motion films as they ride around town and play them back later. The 1.4-inch color LCD screen comes with a waterproof case so images can be taken up to 6 feet under water, and it’s surrounded by a durable case that can survive tumbles and bike crashes (it really does — we tested it). Great for budding filmmakers and adventurous kids alike, this is going to be the hot toy of the Summer!
Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire Blaster

You don’t want to cross paths with a kid who has the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire Blaster  in his hands. It may look like your average water gun, but see that spout hanging down from it? It hooks up to your ordinary garden hose so there’s an endless supply of water. That means there’s no refilling time, so you’re guaranteed to get soaked when you cross paths!



Radio Flyer Build-a-Scooter


It’s all about customization these days, and though Radio Flyer is known for its classic toys — little red wagon anyone? — their new Build-a-Scooter is one of the coolest rides on the market. Kids can choose the color and deck graphic style for their three-wheel ride. They can also add things like light-up wheels, streamers, bells, and more.


What toys have your kids been asking for this summer?

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