Just Peachy!
  1. Peach pie. I will say it again. Peach pie.  And why not add some blueberries in there.  Thank you Sally for this recipe. I just love it and my whole family does too.

Peach Pie





2. Seriously, think about sending me a thank you note for this one.  I love making fruit smoothies for my kids.  Throw some vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit and some milk into a blender and voila.  Now I’ve started freezing them into popsicles.  Peach, yogurt, a banana, some milk.  Done.

Peach smoothy





3. Care for a skinny cocktail or mocktail?  Grab your blender again: ice, peach, strawberries (or forget the ice and use frozen strawberries),  diet 7up or pellegrino.  Add some vodka to make it a cocktail.

4. Peach and Proscuito Pizza with Honey Balsamic Reduction. Your whole family will be impressed. Maybe the neighbors too. ;)

Peach pizza





5. I was going to post my mom’s peach jam recipe but I figured we’d step it up a notch.  Chipotle Peach Barbeque Sauce by Fabtastic Eats. So great!

Peach Sauce






What do you like to make with peach?

Xoxo- Melany


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