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As an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and making contributions to society myself, I realize and understand how important it is to be involved in volunteering and participating in clubs in your community, or even in renowned organizations. Mummies, I encourage you to create awareness with your child, the different ways in which they can make even the slightest positive difference in the world. One small action can make a lasting impact on world. There are people in this world facing hardships that are so unimaginable; they could only hope to have a helping hand.

Finding local organizations or volunteer facilities for your teen is not only a great way to contribute goodness and make an impact, but will prove to be a rewarding experience for him or her. Becoming involved in local service projects, or even creating your own organizations are definitely things to consider, as everyone can make a difference. For example, I have been involved in a program, which is a volunteer organization servicing disabled individuals. I also volunteer at a local hospital. Both of these experiences have allowed me to realize that I can be a positive force in the world; the more I contribute, the more I feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Exposing your teen to issues like poverty, homelessness, and hunger can truly make a difference in your teen’s heart, and will foster a sense of compassion. Here are some suggestions of organizations not only your teen can be involved in, but you as well! Making online contributions is also a great way to contribute.

So, be sure to click on the links below and read the descriptions.

Accès Bénévolat: Bravelets (Donate to a Cause Close to Your Heart):

Relay for Life (American Cancer Society):

 Share the Warmth Foundation:

 Santropol Roulant Meals on Wheels: https://santropolroulant/en/

 Volunteer Bureau of Montreal:

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