Melanie’s Picks: 5 Activities While Your Kids Are At Camp

Wait, is it really quiet?  Do you not have to make breakfast in the morning?  Are there not extra beds to make?  YES! Kids are at camp!  What are your guilty pleasures while the kids are at camp?

camp11. Sleep in!  Yes, I mean past 7am.  Maybe even 8am!  What an indulgence.





camp22. Watching summer TV. Yes, I’m talking to you, Bachelor in Paradise.





camp33. Spa day?  Imagine a day at the some of our favourite spas without having the stress of emergency phone calls or late pick ups.





camp44. Or even the peace of mind of doing your own spa day in your house without interruption.




camp55. Biggest indulgence? Going to the bathroom without a kid knocking at the door needing something at that moment.

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