Melany’s Picks: Declutter!
1. Start small by filling just 1 garbage bag.  Go through your house and fill that garbage bag with anything you might want to give away. It’s the first pass.  Stop after one garbage bag. The key is babysteps so you don’t get overwhelmed.
2. Use what you have to organize, don’t buy more. So many people go out to the Container Store and buy a bunch of new organization items  before actually starting the purging process.  Don’t buy until you know what you really need, you may already have it hidden in your house and you’ve forgotten about it!
3. 10 minutes.  Instead of tackling a room, tackle things by time.   Take 10 minutes to tackle a shelf, or a drawer or a countertop. Stop then. The whole point is again, not to get overwhelmed.
4. Use the buy/sell feature on the mummieslist, sell items on the mummieslist FB page or find a local “treasures” group on FB.
5. Clear off a counter- nothing is more refreshing than seeing a counter top with nothing on it.  It will be motivation to do more!!

Xoxo- Melany

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