Melany’s Picks: Father’s Day

Are you ready to knock it out of the park this Father’s Day? Get out your glue gun and let’s do this thing.

fday11. With a little craft paper and a needle and thread, start dad’s day right with this adorable handmade card.




fday22. Next step is breakfast with this cute printable.  I’m not a huge baker so I say head to the bakery to get this one and add a side of bacon!




fday33. Maybe dad does need a new tie but honesly, I think that a gorgeous picture of the kids for the office is the way to go.




fday44. Or a handmade art project with the help of mom.




fday55. Dad may also deserve a special gift too! We love this top from Burberry.




Have a great father’s day!

Xoxo- Melany

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