Melany’s Picks: Spring Break!

Spring break is around the corner and here is what is on my mind!

1. Haven’t booked anything yet? There are some great deals on Air Canada for you to check out.   How about a trip to Las Vegas for $441 per ticket including 3 nights hotel.







2. Love this Black and White bikini  from Triangl.  Reminds me to get to the gym!







3. Staying home with the kids and don’t want them to slip back in their school work? Try Khan Academy.  Fantastic videos and learning all for free.







4. One of my favorite indoor activities with the kids when we have time is baking. They love to knead the dough and watch it rise.  It’s a great activity with a great result!








5. Building with toothpicks and mini marshmallows.  I love this activity because it’s 1- clean and 2- can  entertain the kids for hours. We play to see who can build the tallest structure.







Xoxo Melany

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