Melany’s Picks: Top 5 Activities To Make Sure Your Kids Play Outside

Enough with the ipad already!  Kick those kids to the curb (not literally).

  1. This takes a bit of preplanning.  Make up a treasure hunt and hide stuff in the backyard.  Give them a list and have them go at it!
  2. Block party- I love this one.  We close off our street one evening in the spring and each family comes up with a game in their driveway and a pot luck.  Kids safely travel up and down the street playing all the carnival like games.  They love it.  It’s a super way to socialize with your neighbors too.
  3. Paintbrushes and water.  That’s it.  Get some lawn chairs and set  yourself up on your driveway. Hand your kids some paintbrushes and buckets of water and let them do some art on the driveway.  There is no clean up!
  4. Take a family walk.  Kids learn from example.  If they see you on the computer all day, they will most probably want to be on their devices but if you motivate for a family walk, they will be more likely to want to do it too!
  5. Backyard Box.  We have a special box that doesn’t stay out all the time.  I yell,  “backyard box!” and I tell you all the kids come running.  I sometimes restock it but because the kids don’t have it all the time, they love when it comes out and will be entertained for hours outside.  I have chalk, bubbles, balls and a parachute in the box. Make your own!

Xoxo- Melany

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