Melany’s Picks: Top 5 secrets to painting flowers

Top 5 secrets to painting flowers

I love flowers and I love painting.  Here are my tips for those of you that might find painting relaxing!


  1.  I love Pricilla Howard.  She makes painting flowers so easy!  It’s all in the petal stroke.

Flower 1





2. I love this splattered paint flower canvas.  Grab some card stock, a bottle of wine and some friend s and make it a Saturday night in!

Flower 2




3.  Looking to try to paint some easy sunflowers?  This can be a great mom/kid activity.

flower 3




4. Sometimes you don’t feel like painting  at all and just want to go on Etsy!  I got this for my aunt and she loved it.

flower 4





5. Feel like stepping  up your doodle game?  I  love this site to help me change things up.

flower 5





Have fun!  Xoxo-Melany


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