Melany’s Recipes: 5 Recipes Using Strawberries

I loooooove strawberries and they are one of the only fruits that my kids enjoy too.

fraise11. I love a dump cake. It’s just easy.  It’s just what it sounds like. Dump the ingredients in and voila.  This one is made  from our friend Mique with yellow cake, strawberries and butter.




fraise22. Summer is all about strawberries and popsicles.  This one by Sally at Baking Addiction puts both those together with only 3 simple ingredients.  My kids love them.




fraise33. Who doesn’t love strawberry jam? This recipe is pretty easy and has a bit of a kick to it. It’s worth it J  I use half the amount of pectin that the recipe calls for since I like my jam a bit runnier.




fraise44. The first time I saw strawberries in a salad, I thought it was absolutely crazy.  Now, I really don’t know how I lived without it.  This is  a great, easy one with chicken and balsamic dressing. I change out the romaine to arugula since I like the spice that gives.



fraise55. Sometimes, simple recipes with simple ingredients are best and that’s why I love this recipe from  The Smitten Kitchen.

Happy strawberries!

Xoxo Melany 

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