Melany’s Recipes: Back to School Lunches

Ugh, the idea that school is right around the corner makes my stomach churn.

Here’s what my school lunches look like at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year.






Thanks Buzzfeed!

Here’s my tips for easy school lunches.

1. My absolute favorite lunch box is  the Bento Box laptop lunch.  I highly recommend it!

2. This one is great for the working mom or anyone who gets frazzled in the AM.  Pack your lunches on Sunday with the kids.  Just grab and go.







3. Do you get in a lunch rut? I love this website both for their products and for their idea blog.







4. Seriously?  This is not what my lunches look like, but god bless her.  This mom is going for it.









5. Another quick way to have lunches organized is to put grab and gos into your fridge. That way your kids can do it themselves.



















Xoxo Melany

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