Melany’s Recipes: Summer Salads

I love summer salads. I love salads all the time actually! Here are my favorite summer salad tips.

salad11. Let’s start with easy.  I love a greek salad but I add some avocado in there to make it even more delicious and creamy.




salad22. Chopped Salad. My all time favorite!!  It takes a bit (seriously only a bit) more time but it gets gobbled up so quickly.  Here is a recipe for  the SouthWest Chopped Salad by the Garden Grazer.  So good!



salad33. Something about shrimp and avocado just yells summer to me.  Try this Shrimp and Avocado salad by Add A Pinch.




salad44. This Mexican Chopped Salad has a ton of ingredients but don’t be put off. It’s really as easy as throwing them all into a bowl.  I love all the colors and the taste is so good!




salad55. So I’m back to Sally’s Baking Addiction.  Can you tell I love her recipes?  This one is for a Chicken and Quinoa Salad. So quick and so delicious.  Enjoy!




What are your favorite summer salads?

Xoxo- Melany


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