Melany’s Recipes: Top 5 Healthy Ways To Lose Those Summer Pounds

We’ve all been there.  I really hate the word “diet” but here’s some of the ones that have worked for me or my friends. What are your favorites?

weightwatchers1. Weight Watchers. Now with more online options and expert chat 24/7.




arbonne2. Arbonne Weight Loss.  Love these protein shakes and fiber.  Combine these shakes with some almond milk and half a banana for 1-2 meals a day and then a healthy dinner, you will be losing weight in a healthy delicious manner.  Find a local Arbonne rep or email to get it for a 20% discount.



frenchwomenfat3. “French Women Don’t get Fat”  gives you a look into the secrets of the French woman’s lifestyle.




fitnesspal4. My Fitness Pal .  This is a great way to track calories and exercise along with friends.  It’s highly motivating!!




fitbit5. Fitbit-  Do you have a fitbit?  This is a great motivator to get your body moving!




Xoxo Melany

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