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The idea of a trainer showing up at my doorstep at a set time and day every week seems like the ultimate solution. Whenever I do get the chance to work out, I automatically think of 100 other things that my time could be used for. Most of which include doing things for the kids or running errands.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way I’m going to stick to a routine is if I feel obliged to.  A trainer at my door to give me a session I already paid for would definitely do the trick. It seems like a luxurious service that is reserved for the housewives of Beverly Hills, although I’ve been doing some digging and it seems that it could actually be much more affordable than I originally thought. Many private trainers do not want to admit that they will lower their rates, but some clients are quietly passing on the word. Karen Hochman, editorial director of, an online food magazine, said that her Pilates teacher gives her a half-price discount. Without it, she said, she would not be able to afford twice-a-week lessons in her Manhattan apartment. All of sudden, this lust service seems feasible. Especially if I can convince a couple of my girlfriend to commit to coming over for the sessions, we can even split the cost.

A couple of at home trainers in the Montreal area that I found are Total at Home Training and Be Training.

Have you tried any at home training? If so, what was you experience and who would you recommend? Let us know and we’ll try to get them as mummieslist vendors and get our mums some discounts!

Xo Melany


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