Mummieslust: Glam Squad Fantasies, Anyone?

1386706162_gisele-bundchen-467In an ideal world, in a perfect world, you’ll get to sleep at least a full 8 hours and wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. You get the kids ready with no fuss and the whole family sits down to a perfectly civilized breakfast before they all head out. In no time, your cleanup duties are done.

In the real world, though, sleep is a distant memory. Getting the kids ready for school involves ninja skills so you won’t stub your toe on sneakily hidden Lego blocks. Breakfast is a noisy, messy affair where you need to find the missing shoe or science project or it’s the end of the world.

When the door shuts behind them, it’s all you can do to fall asleep where you stand—but not until cleanup duties are done. That’s a normal day in Mommyland. And most days, it takes everything in you just to wash your face, let alone take a bath.

That’s when the glam squad fantasy gets to work. What’s better, after all, than the thought of having 2-3 people at your disposal—from makeup duties to sensual rubdowns—who’ll make you look good, take care of you while you take care of everyone and everything else in the family? It’s far from waking up to eyes gritty from no sleep and Barbie’s missing shoe in your hair. And that’s the point. As far as daydreams go, it’s mummielusting.

Xoxo Melany


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