My Top 5 Reason Why Thailand Is Great Spot To Travel With Kids








Accommodation is Great Value

On a global scale, Thailand has got to be one of the cheapest countries for families to visit.

 If your children are picky eaters, they’ll be fine in Thailand ( and it’s incredibly cheap)

It’s not just Thai food. Western food is available too. Kids can stay healthy and eat well on simple foods like eggs, fruit, cheese toasties and chips. Thai food isn’t always spiked with chilies. There is a 7-11 convenience store every few paces in Thailand, you’ll never be far from an emergency yoghurt, juice or Milo. There is Mc Donalds, Starbucks and KFC if your kids need that sort of thing.

In terms of costs, if you stay away from the international tourist restaurants you can get great authentic thai food for less than a dollar per meal! An article in Travel Happy says ” a plate of stir fried vegetables (without meat) over rice should cost 25 – 30 THB ($0.83 – $1). Add chicken or pork to the mixture and it might increase to 35 – 40 THB ($1.16 – $1.32) for a plate. Cheapest bowls of Thai noodles can be eaten for 25 – 30 THB ($0.83 – $1) as well.”

Getting around Thailand is easy.

The sleeper trains in Thailand are excellent. The carriages are shut at night and there is an attendant on duty, it would be very difficult for anyone without a ticket to just wander through

It’s not all drugs and full moon parties.

Thailand has long been a big draw for the gap year kids and there is a big party scene to match. As with the sex trade, if you stay away from the party scene, it won’t bother you at all. It’s been states that many families actually choose to take their kids to the full moon party on Ko Phangan for the experience in the early evening.

Thailand is beautiful, the Thai people love kids, the history, culture and architecture are amazing and the beaches are superb.

Thailand is an amazing country. Breathtakingly beautiful temples and palaces, rich culture and lovely beaches. The Thais really do love children, they constantly make a fuss of my curly-haired little one. The kids can get fed up with it sometimes, maybe teach them to say no. Always remember when you travel, that most people are just like you, with families that they love, they’re usually there to help you, not harm you.Enjoy Thailand!

Xoxo Melany

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