Newborn Items You Don’t Need To Spend a Fortune On

First-time mamas, beware: these hard to resist upscale kiddie boutiques can be a wallet trap.  For almost every item you feel inclined to splurge on, we’ve got a rebuttal for you.

Check out our picks to see what’s best to skip when making budget cuts!

Pricey Onesies

From diaper blowouts to spit-up, these coveralls will see their share of permanent stains no matter how much Oxyclean you use. Save yourself the grief of having to throw away a $60 onesie, and opt for the economical options. Stores like Target are a safe bet.




Expensive Bottles

When I was pregnant with my first child, I stocked up on a slew of offensively expensive bottles. Before I had my baby I went all out on the nipple-like all-natural bottles  I anticipated my designer-baby-bottle-sucking baby to enjoy. Guess who’s baby never took a bottle?  And guess what is not returnable? Unused baby bottles. Learn from my mistakes, and save your cash until you know what bottle your child likes (or will even take).


Changing Table

Unless you’ve got money and space to spare, there’s no legitimate reason to buy an entire piece of furniture dedicated to keeping babe’s bum clean. A more economical option is a simple changing pad and washable cover that sits on the floor or rests on top of a sturdy dresser/table that your child can use for years.



Baby Lounger


Infants love to lounge, and sometimes Mama needs a shower, so these lil lounge chairs can be a godsend for keeping an eye on your tot while freeing up your hands. Definitely invest in a safe seat that provides you with a few hands-free minutes, but keep in mind that most babies outgrow them rather quickly, and resist the splurge.



Expensive Crib Bedding

Lots of mamas-to-be splurge on pricey bedding, but this is your best bet for a budget cut. Bumpers have sparked controversy as to whether or not they are even safe. Plus, babies can get really messy in the night — and baby poop looks a lot less scary on moderately priced sets.




What are you surge and save items?

Xo Melany


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