No. You can’t have that and you’ll live.
pinkuggsMy 8 year old wants Ugg boots. Not what we call “Fuggs” (“fake” Uggs that you get from Target).  She wants the real deal.  The real deal cost $120 and that’s without the bells and whistles of bows on the back. Those ones are closer to $150.  She also wants them in pink which means I can’t justify them being handed down to my son in a couple years.  He loves a pink golf shirt but it would take much convincing to wear pink boots.  I can only imagine how much I’d be spending in therapy in years to come if I forced him to wear pink Uggs.  So now, here’s the question…do I buy her these $120 new boots when her feet grow at least 1 size each year?  Do I buy it for her because most of her friends have them?  Do I buy them for her because she’s just a really good kid that’s super helpful and “deserves” them?  Hell no. Let me make that clear, H-E double L no.
This is one of those teachable moments where she learns that money doesn’t grow on trees. That mom and dad work very hard to earn money and we’d like to save that money for family vacations, camps over the summer, college savings and things we actually need.  Yes, I will certainly hear how awful and mean I am. She will cry and sulk and maybe even run to dad but in the end, she’ll live.  She’ll live just fine wearing “Fuggs” from Target.  She will live just fine wearing no name athletic wear too. She does not “need” Athleta or Avivva.  She will live.
I say this with one caveat.  If this is something very special that she wants to save up for by herself, or ask a bunch of friends to go in for a gift card for her birthday, okay.  I’m better with that but I still think it’s a great plan to teach kids early that name brands are not the most important thing.  Maybe that’s something, as moms should look at ourselves first and see what type of example we are setting.
What are your thoughts?
xoxo- Melany

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