Ready for an Adventure? Take a Dip with the Pink Dolphins of the Amazon!

pink dolphins


Your kids keep asking you about pet dragons? Blame the films and shows that make these creatures cuddly and cute. And don’t even start on those grinning purple dinosaurs. The only time it makes sense for dinosaurs to grin like that is when dinner is just about to be served. And you know what that means.

But while dinosaurs and dragons can’t be part of your next adventure, you can make it memorable by taking the whole family on a trip to the Amazon! Ride a wooden boat to explore the river. Revel with trepidation over what creatures might lurk underneath. And when your guide finally says, “Botos! Botos!” take a wild leap into the warm water and spend the next exciting minutes of your life swimming with the pink dolphins of the Amazon!

You and your kids will love the thrill of swimming with these playful and clever creatures. Ranging from a dull gray pink to a bright pink, these dolphins are considered the most attractive of the dolphin species living in the Amazon. And because they rely on echolocation to find prey and keep away from the river’s unfriendly predators—yikes!—like caimans and anacondas, you won’t have to worry about who else might be with you on that swim, so long as they’re around!

So if you love dolphins, love to swim and love the thought of going on adventures as a family, start making plans for your Amazon River trip. You can bet it’s one you and the whole family won’t soon forget.

Xoxo Melany

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