Top 5 Signs You’re a Better Mom Than You Think You Are

You show up


You can’t call in when you’re sick (or even sick of your kids). You put your best foot forward, and you’re here in the midst of the chaos every day.

You dry the tears


You might be sensing a theme here, and you’d be right. Motherhood isn’t about doing anything epically special. It’s about being in that moment with your kid when they need you the most. According to Dr. Jane Greer, New York-based relationship expert and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness from Ruining Your Relationship, “If you’re worried that you’re not doing enough, know that you’re a better mom than you think you are and keep in mind that you don’t have to doanything — just being there for your kids works wonders. If they need a shoulder to cry on, if they’re frustrated or sick, you’re right there for them all the time.”

You’re the cheerleader


Who thinks that everything their kid makes is the work of a genius? That’s right, you!  Patricia Di Gasbarro, founder and president of Shoosha Truly Organic, explains “Your child feels emotionally and physically safe with you. They can get up and sing their heart out, dance full out, do any artwork at all, and you will always think it’s the most brilliant piece of art you’ve ever seen.”

You’re the human Kleenex


Were you born to be a Kleenex? No. But you have adapted to the role beautifully. Take a moment to give yourself a slow clap in the mirror for cleaning up more carnage than a crime scene cleaner sees in a good year.

You conquer your fears


To say that I was scared pants-less with my first kid would be an understatement. But I put one foot in front of the other and made it through that frightening first year, and so did you. Nicole Ryan, SiriusXM Morning Mashup talk show host and first-time mom, agrees: “I’ve never been so scared to do anything in my life as I was to become a mom. However, it turns out that the whole maternal instinct thing is real.”


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