Splash Parks: A Mom’s Salvation Last Hot Labor Day Weekend!

splashparkI couldn’t believe when I heard the long term forecast for Labor Day Weekend, thirty degrees celsius with humidity close to forty! That was great news for me, but how was I going to entertain my very active eight year old boy on the autism spectrum who loves to play outdoors, but would not tolerate the heat well unless he was in the water? And, how was I going to do that when all the public swimming pools had closed down for the season? Then, I remembered about the splash parks around Montreal. I am SO glad to live in a city full of them, particularly in a city where the weather can be unpredictably warm. Swimming and being in the water in general, help my son handle anxiety and stress amazingly well. He is happy, and able to have fun with those around him. And, like most Moms, when he’s happy and relaxed, so am I. Watching him run in the sprinklers laughing and playing with the other kids was wonderful. It’s these moments that make me realize he may be different in some ways, but is a kid like any other.

Joanne Giacomini is a fiction writer and a blogger. She blogs about how her son with autism is raising her.  You can read more blogs from Joanne at www.exceptionalmomchild.wordpress.com.

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