Starting a brand new school/ First day of school

Butterflies…the familiar feeling almost everyone gets when they are starting something new. It is typical of the first day of school, sort of like an annual thing. The first day of school can be quite nerve-racking, especially when you are starting a brand new school, like I did. Anyone who does this is brave, as it is a big accomplishment.

Walking through the hallways when it feels like all the unfamiliar faces are staring, meeting new students and teachers, and so many new hallways and classrooms to remember –  all of it can create a lot of anxiety. I can relate to all of this as I started my freshman year of high school just last week.

Being spoken to with positive, empathetic words can give kids the boost of adrenaline they need, causing them to smile and believe they can accomplish anything.  A simple “Have a wonderful day, you can do this!” from your mom can make you feel like you have the world in your hands. It is important to remain calm, and help fill our minds with positive thinking, one of the most powerful forms of thought. Remind us to take a deep breath so we can find our confidence; this is the key to a successful first day.

So, when you see your kid struggling to find his or her inner peace, remember that you can help to create a safe, nurturing and loving environment for your child, and to help build them up.  Just like anything, the second day is always much easier.  Happy Back to School!

Valentina Bianca is a 14 year old freshman at ILS based in Miami, FL. She has many interests including creative writing, fashion and giving back to her local community. She has joined our blogging team and will share her perspective on various topics.

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