Teen Fashion/ Walking the Runway with your Teen

“I have nothing to wear today,” is a common remark that you may hear from your tween or teen (most likely from a daughter…). Are all the clothes you purchase for her ever enough? Turns out, picking out an outfit for the perfect outing with a friend is even trickier than you could imagine, Mummies. Looking “beautiful” is something that many teens seek, although they already are. You, Mummies, are most likely not understanding why your teen is facing such a challenge – although you may have experienced it yourself when you were our age. 

The top fashion trends are all the rage. If their friends are all wearing matching iPhone cases or the latest Michael Kors, than they must have it too. This is a common issue among teens. Why be different and celebrate individuality when your friends are all waiting for you to join in the fun?

Mummies, whenever possible, encourage your teen to embrace their differences. Let them set their very own trends – and feel unique, without the struggle of feeling like they need to fit in. To feel good, is to look good. Next time your teen cannot picture his or her perfect outfit to wear to the mall, just inspire him or her to embrace their uniqueness and pick an outfit that makes them feel good.

A bientôt, Mummies :)

 Valentina Bianca is a 14 years old freshman at ILS based in Miami, FL.

She has many interests including creative writing, fashion and giving back to her local community. She has joined our blogging team and will share her perspective on various topics.

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