The so called “Texting Terms”/ Also known as LOL and OMG

Nowadays, the younger generations are extremely familiar – almost too familiar with the abbreviated usage of words. Of course this is according to parents – like you, mummies. I prefer the usage of sentences and actual words, however, I will take you on an inside look into the mind of teens, like your own children and what these terms represent.

Most days, communicating with friends is just a long list of letters in different orders…I’m sure you have all heard of ILY, BRB, and OMG. You might even get a simple “Kk” from your child. The usage of these words is something many people of our generation have in common – something that shows that we evolved from the generation before. It is also a unique way in which we communicate – sort of like a secret message which the earlier generations just won’t understand. What was the point in establishing written language in the first place, when we could have just jumbled together a bunch of letters? LOL.

Trying to figure out what your teen is really saying?  Here is a list of several common abbreviations used today.

The SECRET Abbreviation Code for all Mummies:

LOL – Laugh Out Loud.                                                                                                                TBH – To Be Honest.

OMG – Oh My Gosh.                                                                                                                     TBT – Throw Back Thursday.

SMH – Shaking My Head.                                                                                                            BRB – Be Right Back.

ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing.                                                                                     ILY – I Love You.

IKR – I Know Right?                                                                                                                      TTYL – Talk to You Later.

YOLO – You Only Live Once.                                                                                                        BFF – Best Friends Forever.

There are several other abbreviations, so if you wish to see more, just click the link:

OMG! There are quite a few, but at least you know what your child is communicating next time you receive a message from them. Now, you too, can respond using an abbreviation!

TTYL, Mummies. :)

Valentina Bianca is a 14 years old freshman at ILS based in Miami, FL.

She has many interests including creative writing, fashion and giving back to her local community. She has joined our blogging team and will share her perspective on various topics.

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