Tips for Managing the Halloween Candy Overload

Who doesn’t love Halloween? I know I do.  Unfortunately, so do my hips. Here are my 5 best tips on dealing with the candy overload.

1. The Switch Witch.  She’s an amazing witch.  The kids get to pick 10-15 candies that they love and keep them. The rest goes out in the bag on the front porch. The following morning, the switch witch has taken away the candy bag and left a nice gift instead.  This year my daughter got a new beanie boo and my son got a game for his Wii. They were so happy and so were their teeth.

operationshowbox2. Give a way to someone in need.  Operation Shoebox is a great charity where you can send your candy to the troops overseas.

3. Dentist giveaway. Lots of dentists will accept candy donations and give kids a prize or a gift card in exchange.

4. Bake with the candy.  I love baking with the kids.  There are lots of sites that will give you great recipes to use your candy with. It’s a fun activity and a great way to get rid of the excess. I then will give the baked goods to the neighbors or for the teacher’s lounge.

5. Give away to school.  The teachers like a snack sometimes and when you put a bowl of candy in the teacher’s lounge, they are always happy. I tend to wait a few weeks and then surprise them with the goodies.

Xoxo Melany

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