Tips to Throw the Best Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Here are my tips to make life easy for a fabulous Thanksgiving meal.

1. Write down your menu.  Before I even begin, I write down what I see my menu looking like.  That way I know my grocery list and have a good start. I add in family favorites and staples. menu1

2. Grocery lists.  I do my list by store.  I do my big shop at Costco first and then supplement what I need from the smaller grocery stores.

3. Costco is your friend.  I love the bagged kale salad. It’s so darn easy, why sit there chopping veggies when you can just open a bag.  I also make Costco meatballs by easily opening a bad, putting it in the crockpot with a container of your favorite barbeque sauce.  It’s fast and easy and everyone loves it. menu2 menu3

4. Do as much the night before as possible.  I put the cheese plate together, the veggies for the dip should be all cut and all foods that can be warmed up in glass containers done the day before.  The day of, should really be all about reheating most items whenever possible.  If you’re not cooking for a large group, I love the Costco smoked turkey breast. It’s always a family favorite. menu4

5. Set the table the night before and put out your serving pieces.  The table setting can be a job for the kids including cute place cars.  I take out all my serving pieces and put a paper on them that says what will be served on them.  That way I’m sure that I have enough serving trays for everything.

6. Be ready for leftovers. I put my Tupperware near my sink the day of.  That way when the table is cleared, I put everything away in the right spot.  A cute idea is to have  some Tupperware marked for each guest that way each guest gets to go home with some leftovers. menu5

Xoxo Melany

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