Top 10 Pets For Kids

Taking on a pet is a huge decision for anyone. If your family consists of small children, parents must take care to select just the right pet. Indoor pets work best for the youngest to participate fully in care and clean up responsibilities. But don’t rule out the chicken, which made our top 10 list.

1. Sussex Rabbits


Once trained, rabbits are affectionate and loveable. The Sussex is a newer breed that offers little ones a teddy-bear feel. The best part – they can be litter box trained.



2. Guinea Pigs


Guinea Pigs are a good starter pet. If you’re ready for a bit more grooming than the slick American Cavy, your child may be ready for the adorable long-haired Silkie.


3. Tiger Barb


Tiger Barb fish are easy to care for. They are social and need to live in groups of seven or more, but the maintenance is much less than the typical goldfish.



4. Agouti Mongolian Gerbil

Agouti Mongolian Gerbil

The Agouti Mongolian Gerbil can be one of about 20 different colors. Gerbils do best in groups of two, but be sure they are the same gender to keep your population down.



5. Chickens


Chickens are not your first thought for a pet, but kids learn a lot from taking care of these feathered friends. A small backyard is all you need. Roosters can be equipped with a collar to prevent early morning alarms.


6. Ants


Ants are one of the tiniest pets and can be the most educational and fun at the same time  Consider novel ways to keep them rather than the flat, 2-dimensional frame. Kids with limited skills to care for a traditional pet can have pet “ownership”, too.


7. Birds


Birds are a great choice for kids with limited room. Be sure to match the right bird with the right child. Parrots, for example, are birds of prey, and many loud quick movements by children can keep them on the hunt.


8. Rats

rats-togetherA rat in the house?!  Don’t scream. Rats really are intelligent creatures. As pets, rats are social and love entertaining kids by running through PVC tunnels.




9. Boxer


The Boxer is typically energetic and affectionate. This dog breed makes great a pet for younger children with a play area.



10. Gecko


The Leopard Geckos are low maintenance when compared to other pets. Children will enjoy feeding them a healthy diet of crickets and wax worms.



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