Top 10 Products You Didn’t Know Existed Before You Were Pregnant

Having a baby is daunting enough, but there’s more to consider than the anticipation of sleepless nights, concerns over breast milk versus formula, and whether or not your well-meaning but flaky best friend is the best person to host your much-needed baby shower.

You need stuff. Lots of stuff. More stuff than you ever thought a small little creature could possibly need.

Here are just a handful of those products that you never knew existed before you had kids, and consequently, they can prove quite useful during those last pregnancy months and first months as a new parent.

Perineal Massage Oil


Massage oil…who can say no to that? Wait, what will you be massaging?

Okay, so it turns out perineal massages, no matter how uncomfortable they sound, may actually be quite beneficial when it comes time to give birth. One of women’s greatest fears during childbirth: tearing. Women who are over 30 years of age, and who are having their first child are more likely to tear and are also more likely to benefit from perineal massage leading up to the birth.



Nursing Bracelet


So after getting exactly 2.8516 hours of sleep, eating only half a cold sandwich, and nursing your little newborn until your nipples are screaming in pain, I guess it’s easy to forget a few things, such as which breast you last used to feed your baby. Thanks to this nifty product, you can keep track. That is, as long as you remember to switch it to your other hand each time you nurse.





New moms often struggle to capture every drop of “liquid gold” possible for their babies, and who would blame them? After the hours of nursing, pumping, and hand expressing, that last thing you want to see is a milk-soaked breast pad that you simply have to either throw away or toss in the washing machine. Milkies allow you to collect all the extra…leakage.



Amber Teething Necklaces


Teething pains are nothing new or unexpected for new moms, but many plan to seek options that are outside of the typical medicinal box. Amber is taken from fossilized sap and contains small amounts of succinic acid, which is known to be a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.




Swaddle Sacks


This amazing little invention is the closest thing to a baby straight jacket, and after hours of screaming bloody murder for no reason throughout the night (the baby…not Mom), it may just be the way to calm your tiny, crazy, adorable bundle.




Pregnancy Body Pillow


Tell a very pregnant woman: “Make sure to get a lot of sleep now, because you won’t when baby comes!” and you are sure to witness a wrath you never expected. Pregnancy is uncomfortable 24 hours a day, but those nighttime hours seem to get worse for most. Widening hips, an expanding belly, and those random, small-but-lethal roundhouse kicks your unborn jewel unleashes on your ribcage all contribute to a night full of tossing and turning. A body pillow helps to support the belly and cushion the knees and thighs, and it also provides a useful barrier from your bed-hogging partner!




The thought of sore, cracked (and possibly bleeding!) nipples is terrifying to anyone. Add to that, the fact that your newborn will be sucking on them non-stop for weeks, maybe months, and you’ll be ready to throw in the towel. Lanolin is a completely natural product that is not only a huge relief when rubbed on sore nipples but is also completely safe for your little one.



Belly Band


Not only does this little piece of stretchy fabric help you to extend the life of those pre-pregnancy jeans further into the pregnancy, it can also come in handy after the baby is born. It’s a well know fact that your tummy is a bit…loose after popping out that little miracle. Wearing a tummy sleeve can help everything to get back into place.




Belly Butter


Apparently, when your skin stretches enough to carry a tiny human in a short amount of time, you entire belly begins to itch beyond belief. As if the added weight, back pain, and soreness weren’t enough, you’ll soon discover that you are unconsciously scratching your stomach at all hours of the day. Not only does belly butter help to soothe the itch, it can also help to prevent those dreaded stretch marks.




Self-Heating Bottles


You’re sitting in a nice family restaurant, enjoying your meal, and relishing in the fact that your precious baby is being a little angel, asleep in her carrier. That is, until she wakes up hungry. Pleading and informing her that you’ll feed her as soon as her bottle is warmed up doesn’t seem to calm her down. Instead of cringing through ten minutes of screaming as childless onlookers throw glares your way, you could have a self-heating bottle, like the Yoomi, in your diaper bag. Simply press the button on the bottle, and you’ll have warmed milk in about 60 seconds. Tranquility achieved!



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