Top 5 Signs Your Baby Has Become a Toddler

You Can’t Find Your Keys













Now you see them. Or, rather, you saw them. Same for the remote control and cell phone. Not the toy ones, of course. Because they aren’t nearly as fun to hide as the real ones.



You thought a crying baby was the worst airplane seat mate?
Hi, I’m a toddler — the crying baby’s older, louder, mobile, more deliberate future.


Sleep Patterns

I do not want to sleep

Ha. Sleep patterns are for babies. Being a toddler means having the ability to keep everyone guessing.
As in, when will the morning nap become history? Take a guess. Yes, that’s right.
Riiiiiiiiiiiight now.


Bath Time










Hey, look what happens when I put my hands in the air and then slap them down into the water. Over and over and over. Fast. Mommy sure looks funny when she’s wet. And mad.

The Intro To Whining













The crying becomes less frequent but more specific. And louder.
That’d be whining. It’s called whining.

Xoxo Melany

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